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  • Certified Quality

    Quality is the result of transparency, diligence and control. To proof this, we are setting standards in our production, what has been recognized by the TÜV Nord, by rewarding our production facility with the ISO:9001 certificate for quality management in the production and sale of liquids, bases and pure flavours.
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  • Reasonable Prices

    We here at Flavourtec are convinced that also highest quality products can be offered at a reasonable price range. This is why we are offering all our products for very attractive prices in order to give our customers the opportunity to offer a premium product with a very interesting margin.
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  • Professional Service

    Knowing how important excellent customer service is, we are offering help, advice and guidance about all product related questions. By using phone, mail, skype and other forms of communication we are eager to be always available for our customers when any help is needed. You want to try this?
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Certified production processes

Certified production means best products.


All our production processes here at Flavourtec, including mixing, bottling, the creation of our packaging design and the organization of our customer services are 100% in accordance with the internationally renown TÜV Nord ISO:9001 standard. This has been tested, proven and certified by the TÜV Nord.


It is our passion to provide our customers with the best, safest and highest quality products on the market, individual purchasing options and outstanding services. We want to make a difference!




Slim “needle dropper” technology

Smart and spill free filling- thanks to “Slim needle dropper technology”


All our 10ml liquids are equipped with a thin needle dropper that makes filling up your electronic cigarette easy, fast and free of spilling. Thanks to its shape and the small diameter, the needle dropper makes it possible to re-fill the depot of your Ego and any other other common clearomizers as convenient as never before and you don’t even have to remove the bottom of the tank.

That’s easy handling with a twist of modern technology!




Tactile warning triangle on carton, bottle and cap.

Tactile warning triangles- our security standard


Besides quality and the best tastes, product safety is at top priority for Flavourtec. In order to go a step further, we’re equipping our nicotine-containing products with tactile warning triangles, which are of special importance for blind and handicapped people and serve a security function. Thanks to their raised shape, they are easily recognizable with a finger’s touch and give the user a reliable information about the fact that the product contains nicotine.








Childproof cap and sealing ring

Looks Awesome in all Devices!


In order to keep them away from children, our Flavourtec liquids are equipped with a safe and solid closer cap with childproof function. In order to open the liquid, you have to push and twist the cap at the same time, before it will open. Additionally, and in order to indicate if the bottle has been opened before, the closer cap has a plastic sealing ring which breaks after the first opening. Although our standard caps are coming in white color, you can easily order them in different colors as well in connection with our OEM/White Label services








Material Safety Data Sheets

In accordance with CLP and REACH


For all our liquids, we are providing our customers with Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for each available flavour and nicotine strength. Those sheets- which are in accordance with CLP and REACH (EG Nr. 1907/2006/ GHS classification (EG) Nr. 1272/2008)- are created for us by an independent expert on chemicals advisory from Germany and in full accordance with valid and future European Union regulations, as subject of the new tobacco guidelines.


The MSDS are also giving valuable and necessary information about each product, its classification and the ingredients, used for its production.




We offer our products as standard in 5 different nicotine strengths.

Each color represents one nicotine strength.


Our range of liquids does not only cover a broad range of different tasty flavours, but is also coming in 5 different strengths- with and without nicotine. Beginning with 0mg/ml, the levels are going up to 6mg/ml, 9mg/ml, 12mg/ml and even 18mg/ml. In order to make sure that each liquid fits the correct level of nicotine, given on the packaging, our products are regularly checked by independent German laboratories.





Every 10ml Liquid comes with a leaflet including up to 7 languages

Professional safety leaflets


Our safety leaflets are attached to the 10ml liquids within the cardboard packaging. They contain up to 7 different languages and can be modified with any given language on demand in relation to our OEM/White Label services. This leaflet gives valuable information about the product, its ingredients and helpful security advice. In combination with the OEM/White Label services, the layout of the leaflet can be modified to any desired design.




Packed in displays

If you wish, our Flavourtec Premium Liquids are coming to you in a stylish shipping display which fits 20pcs. Nice, simple and with a huge effect!


We know how important it is to leave a good impression and this is why we are proud to present you our 20pcs shipping display in the trendy Flavourtec design. On demand, we are packing your order in this display and ship it to you- all you have to do is to unwrap the foil, open the display and place it on your store shelf. The display fits 20pcs (10ml) and will definitely help to increase the awareness for your product, thanks to its clever cut and the attractive blue Flavourtec design.


Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information about this free of charge option.

You want to have further features?

Is there any special feature on our liquids that you are missing or that you would like to add to our products? Or would you like to have a customized mixing ratio, flavouring or packaging item? Don’t worry to contact us and let us know- (almost) everything is possible and we will take care about the details.

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