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§ 1 General, Scope

Every service, performed by Flavourtec for its customers, are only and exclusively taking place based on the following General Terms and Conditions. Varying regulations are only becoming valid in case that they have been agreed between Flavourtec and the customer in a written form or when they have been mentioned explicitly in the General Terms and Conditions.


§ 2 Conclusion of contract

The product displays, given on the homepage are not representing binding sales offers, but have to be perceived as non-binding offers for the supply of a binding sales offer by the customer. The legally binding order of the customer is performed by mail when answering to the offer, made by a sales manager of Flavourtec. This answer is a legally binding offer by the customer, which will be confirmed by the sales agent in a written form, including the details of the offer, the billing and the delivery. This confirmation represents a legally binding conclusion of the offer. The buying contract will be concluded as soon as the customers payment is confirmed and Flavourtec will only then start with the production.


§ 3 Prices

All prices, given in the catalogue or on the website are in Euro (€), excluding taxes and shipping costs (§ 4). Binding for the buying contract are the prices at the moment of making the offer.


§ 4 Shipment costs and delivery

The shipment costs are dependent on the size and amount of order and will be stated in the written confirmation by the sales manager. The products will be shipped from the storage to the adress, given by the customer. Depending on the availability of the ordered products or their particular ingredients, the ordered products will be handed over to the transport company within 5 working days after receiving the confirmation and payment (Payment in advance or via PayPal).


§ 5 Payment, due date

All orders can be payed either in advance via bank transfer or PayPal. The payment has to be made immediately after receiving the confirmation for the order from the Flavourtec sales manager. The customer is obliged to make the transfer immediately after receiving the confirmation of the contract.


§ 6 Cancellation right; cost for returing the order in case of a cancellation

In case that the customer is an end-user, which means that the customer concludes the contract for non-commercial purposes, he has the right to cancel the order and send back the ordered products within 14 days after the order. This right does not include E-liquids, E-bases and Flavours. In case that the customer has a cancellation right, he has to cover the costs for returning the order.


§ 7 Warranty

The common warranty regulations, according to Polish civil law, are binding. E-liquids, E-bases and Flavours are excluded and cannot be returned.


§ 8 Limitation of liability

Flavourtec is only reliable for any forms of damages of life, body, health in case that these damages have been caused upon intention or gross negligance by Flavourtec or by an intentional breach of an essential point of contract. A liability that goes beyond is excluded. The regulations for warranty are not touched by this regulation.


§ 9 Contractual language

Contractual language is related to the region of the sales manager, responsible for the particular order, but no other than German, English or Polish. Contracts are subject to the Polish law.


§ 10 Privacy policy

All data that is needed for the processing of orders will be saved in electronic form and treated confidentially. The data, needed for the processing of orders, such as names and adresses will be handed over to the transport company in order to enable the delivery of ordered products. For further information, please familiarize with our privacy policy.

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