Allgemeine Bedingungen

Regulations of the website (hereinafter referred to as „Regulations“)

§ 1. General provisions

1. The Regulations define the rules for the provision of electronic services, as part of the website available at, hereinafter referred to as: „Flavourtec Website“ or „the Party“, by the company under the name Flavourtec Sp. z oo with its registered office in Gdańsk, 80-298 at ul. Geodetów 28, NIP 5862276576, REGON 221638088, KRS 0000416589, hereinafter referred to as the „Operator of the Website“ or „Operator“.

1. The Website Operator is a service provider referred to in art. 2 point 6 of the Act of July 18, 2002. on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1219, as amended). The Website Operator provides services electronically on the basis of the Regulations and in accordance with its provisions.

2. The Website Operator provides forms for contacts with him, described in detail in §2 of the Regulations.

3. Users of the Site, hereinafter referred to as „Users“ are natural persons who in any way use the FLAVOURTEC Website.

4. For the purposes of the Regulations, all texts, photographs, graphics, charts, video materials, multimedia materials, etc., published on the FLAVOR TEC website, in particular constituting a work within the meaning of the Copyright and Related Rights Act, will be defined as „Materials“.

5. If the term „RODO“ will be used in the Regulations, it should be understood as Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46 / EC (general regulation on data protection) (Journal of Laws of the EU No. L. of 2016 No. 119, page 1).

§ 2. The rules of using the Website

1. Services provided within the FLAVOURTEC Website (hereinafter referred to as „Services“) consist of free access to the content and functionality of the Website to its users, in particular by:

b) enabling Users to access the Shared Materials in such a way that the User has access to them at the place and time chosen by him, regardless of the type and manner of operation of the device or application that the User uses for this purpose,

c) enabling Users to contact the Operator regarding:

i. asking questions and obtaining any information, in particular by indicating the subject, that is: „Press office“, „Customer Service Office“, „International cooperation“.

ii. submitting applications as part of recruitment processes for specific positions, through the „Career“ tab, via the form placed there,

2. The User’s use of the Website is free.

3. The contract for the provision of Services by electronic means between the Operator and the User, is concluded by the User joining the FLAVOURTEC Website. The termination of the Agreement for the provision of Services by electronic means occurs when the User of the FLAVOURTEC Website closes, with the reservation that the Services described in § 2 para. 1 of the Regulations may be terminated at any time by the User on the basis of a request to the Operator to delete his personal data.

4. In the case of using the forms of contact referred to in § 2 para. 1 of the Regulations, the User will receive detailed information regarding the processing by the Operator of his personal data in accordance with the relevant provisions of the RODO.

5. The Website Operator shall endeavour to ensure that the User is fully comfortable and safe to use the FLAVORURCO Website. The operator of the FLAVOURTEC Website ensures the operation of the ICT system that he uses, enabling the User to use the Service provided electronically, in a manner that prevents unauthorised access to the content of the service comprising the Service provided, in particular using cryptographic techniques appropriate to the characteristics of the Service provided and a method that ensures unambiguous identification of the pages of the Service provided electronically.

6. The operator of the FLAVOURTEC Party declares that the use of the Services provided electronically, as referred to in the Regulations, may be associated with typical, commonly known risks associated with the use of IT equipment and the Internet. In connection with the above, the Operator of the Party FLAVOURTEC recommends that Users use measures to increase security and minimise the possibility of such risks, such as antivirus software.

7. The operator of the FLAVOURTEC Website reserves the following technical requirements necessary for the proper operation of the FLAVOURTEC Website:

a) a device enabling displaying content transmitted via the Internet using a web browser,

b) web browser supporting the HTML 5 standard, updated to the newest versions, without any additions changing the browser’s work,

c) JavaScript and cookie technology,

d) active access to the Internet (Internet connection),

e) e-mail account (active, properly configured).

§ 3. Personal data protection and privacy policy

1. Use of some Services on the Website may be related to providing User’s personal data. In this case, providing personal data is voluntary, however, it may be necessary to provide the Service. The administrator of personal data is the Operator, hereinafter referred to in these paragraphs as „Data Administrator“ or „Administrator“.

2. Users‘ personal data will be processed only for the purpose of executing a given Service and to the extent necessary to perform it. If the Administrator plans to process personal data for purposes other than the purpose for which personal data were collected, prior to such further processing, the Administrator informs the User to whom the data relates for that other purpose and provides all other relevant information required by law, in particular by regulations of the GDP.

3. The User has the right to access their personal data, and in addition, each User has the rights referred to in Article. 16-22 RHODE.

4. The Data Administrator undertakes to protect Users‘ personal data in accordance with the provisions of the RODO and other legal provisions regarding the protection of personal data.

5. The Administrator indicates that as part of using the FLAVOURTEC website, in addition to personal data, certain technical information about the User is collected, such as the operating system used, the type and browser version, the number of visits to the FLAVOURTEC Website and addresses of visited websites. Only information that is not personal data is automatically collected. The operator of the FLAVOURTEC Website may provide aggregated third-party statistics on the number of visits and other information related to the FLAVOURTEC Website that do not identify Users.

6. On the Users‘ devices, the FLAVOURTEC websites contain information necessary to identify them in the form of „cookies“. Cookies are used only to retrieve from the hard disk the information left by cookies from the FLAVOURTEC Website. If the User wants to know when a file of this type is saved on the disk, he should configure the browser in a proper way. By properly configuring the web browser, the User may also block the placing of cookies on the hard disk of his device, which may, however, result in the inability to use certain functionalities of the FLAVOURTEC Website. The following cookie files are installed for the proper functioning of the FLAVOURTEC Website:

a) session – are temporary files, stored on the User’s end device until logging out, leaving the website or turning off the software (web browser);

b) google analytics – are temporary and permanent files stored on the User’s end device and collecting information about user behaviour within the FLAVORUREC Website.

7. Detailed information on the privacy policy, in particular regarding cookies, are indicated in a separate document available on the FLAVORPTEC Website.

§ 4. Protection of intellectual property

1. The FLAVOURTEC website and all materials contained therein, including works, collections of works, databases, trademarks, are subject to protection provided for in generally applicable laws, in particular regarding intellectual or industrial property.

2. Users may use the FLAVOURTEC Website and works, collections of works and databases it contains only in a manner consistent with generally applicable laws, and in particular in accordance with the Copyright and Related Rights Act, the Industrial Property Law and the Act on the Protection of Databases data. In particular, it is unauthorized:

a) reproduction, dissemination, including public reproduction or making available on the Internet of the FLAVOURTEC Website or parts thereof or works published on the FLAVOURTEC Website or parts thereof, except for cases specified in applicable law,

b) making any changes to the FLAVOURTEC Website or parts thereof or works posted on the FLAVOURTEC Website or parts thereof,

(c) downloading the contents of databases or using them in whole or in part.

§ 5. Procedure for complaint proceedings

1. Each User may file a complaint regarding the functioning of the FLAVOURTEC Website.

2. Complaints should be sent in writing to the address of the FLAVOURTEC Website Operator indicated in § 1 para. 1 of the Regulations or using the contact form referred to in 2 para. 1 lit. b) point i. of the Regulations.

3. The complaint should contain: an indication of what the complaint relates to and an indication of the manner in which the complaint should be settled (as requested by the User) and contact details enabling the response to the complaint.

4. The operator of the FLAVOURTEC Website divides the responses to the complaint within 14 days from the date of its receipt.

§ 6. Final provisions

1. The operator of the FLAVOURTEC Website reserves the right to change the content of the Regulations. Such change shall take effect upon the publication of the new version of the Regulations on the FLAVOURTEC Website.

2. The Operator reserves the right to change the functionality of the FLAVOURTEC Website and temporarily suspend the FLAVOURTEC Website for the duration of conservation or other works related to the development of the FLAVORUREC Website.

3. For matters not regulated in the Regulations, only Polish law applies, in particular the provisions of the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services (Journal of Laws of 2017, item 1219, as amended).

4. In the case of preparation of the Regulations in other language versions, in the event of any discrepancies between the Regulations in the Polish language version and its translation into other languages, the version in Polish shall apply.

5. The Regulations shall enter into force on the day of its publication on the FLAVOURTEC Website.