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You’ve heard of blue raspberry, but what about pink raspberry? This unique combination of raspberry, pink lemonade, menthol and red fruits is sweet, sour and refreshing.


The taste of summer in a bottle! Our Sunny Fruits e-liquid is the perfect mix of tropical passion fruit, thirst quenching orange and refreshing lemon with the added sweet notes of vanilla.


We love experimenting with fruity flavours and our Fruit Punch vape juice is one of our favourites. With mango, peach, watermelon, passion fruit and a touch of menthol, it has bags of flavour!


This e-liquid tastes of beautifully ripe, fresh, juicy pears and to make it even more mouth-wateringly good, we’ve boosted the flavour with lime and a menthol hit.


This superb combination of sumptuous prickly pear with a hint of menthol is perfect for anyone looking for something fruity with a kick!


If you have a sweet tooth our Gummibear liquid is for you! With notes of cherry, lemon, blueberry and raspberry, what’s not to love?!


Flavourtec Only - Green Mint

This flavour offers a pure and subtle kick of freshness in your throat and mouth. It is for all those who like the freshness of mint without its sharpness. It works perfectly on it’s own, but also combines with other flavours beautifully.

Coconut CreamPure exotic flavour

Flavourtec Only - Coconut Cream

This liquid has a soft, sweet Coconut taste, enriched with a fine note of cream. Coconut Cream makes you dream of vacations on white sand beaches.