Show me the flavor you like and I’ll tell you who you are

What do your taste preferences say about yourself? Do you reach for fruit-flavoured tones more often, or would you rather pick the classics? Experts from the Flavourtec Company highlight the features of people, who tend to pick specific e-liquid flavours:

Peach's Peaches: You are the life of the party and you are everywhere. You go after even the craziest ideas, even if your friends try to dissuade you from doing so. Will you have the time to catch some rest? Of course, but only when filled by juicy peach flavour.

Menthol: People who pick this flavour possess a strong, decisive personality. They know what they want and they reach for it. Even if it’s prohibited. One unquestionable advantage is your ability to stand your ground and defend your ideals. Menthol users are the true tough guys, but also trusted friends.

Mr. Melon: Your enthusiasm is contagious. People who bad-mouth you would also say that you are positively crazy. E-cig users picking this flavour can be unpredictable, but others always feel very comfortable in their presence. Why? Because melons love the variety and that’s why they always have lots of friends.

Sour Cherry: You are stubborn and persistent. Some people will envy you these traits. You know that sometimes some things need to be sacrificed in order to gain something else. Your closest ones are always behind you because they know they can expect the same from you. But you are also hiding within a certain secret that only a select few will learn about.

Nutty Buddy Cookie: Everyone watch out. Underneath this seemingly delicate image lies a real tough guy. If someone steps on your toes, they’ll be sorry, you will go medieval on them. But people who get to know you better know you get emotional easily. Your weak spot? That would definitely be small puppies and sweets.

Blueberry: You are a true connoisseur. But you lose your mind when in the company of the opposite sex. A few smiles and an exceptional atmosphere are enough to bury you with an avalanche of emotions. You get excited instantly and cool down equally fast. A piece of advice: if someone wants to keep you for longer, they will have to make a bit of an effort.

Raspberry: You are a true darling, but you can make a scene when someone steps on your toes. Usually, you are quite nervous. The cure for that is classical music and sweet raspberry that you always carry with you.

These are not all the flavours out there. There are many more. Still haven’t made up your mind which one is the best for you? You will certainly find something for yourself in our shop. Visit us and discover your style: .

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