What you need to know about outsourcing the production of your e-liquids

Outsourcing in general has many benefits and pitfalls, but in an industry as relatively young as e-liquids, these can be exaggerated. If you get it right, it can open up a world of possibilities in a cost effective and efficient way. However, get it wrong and your brand could suffer irreparable damage.

The pros and cons of outsourcing


Outsourcing can provide you with access to a broader range of talent than you could afford to employ. It also doesn’t limit your potential candidates to those located in your immediate vicinity. Using a third party to create your e-liquid removes the responsibilities and costs associated with employment. This makes outsourcing considerably cheaper and less of a headache.

Outsourcing allows you to expand to a size that your current economic situation wouldn’t allow otherwise. It also places the onus of the manufacturing process, and all the intricacies involved, on the shoulders of an experienced third party. Often, it also allows you to offer a greater range of products, or in the case of e-liquids, flavours.


Some people don’t like the thought of outsourcing because it means relinquishing some control. It’s far easier to keep an eye on the quality of an employee’s output when they’re in the same building as you. However, using a proven company with high standards will mitigate much of this risk.

If you look at an outsourcing company, you can check the reviews and experiences of others that have used the service. Some business owners sight a lack of communication, or being hard to contact, as a problem. However, if you’re aware of this problem before you enter into an agreement you can include communication methods, hours of availability, and scheduled updates as part of the deal. This will help to keep you in the loop and stop any unnecessary panic setting in.

Why quality is more important for e-liquid outsourcing

Although a booming industry, e-liquids are still relatively new. This means there is a lot of uncertainty surrounding regulation and variations in quality. This creates a certain amount of apprehension amongst consumers. The flip side of this is that once they know they can trust you they are likely to remain loyal to your brand.

A professional company will be fully regulatory compliant, and often ready for the potential regulations of tomorrow. All of their ingredients will be of the highest quality. The manufacturing facility will have exceptionally high standards. The best producers of e-liquid will have pharmaceutical grade facilities and be ISO certified.

Industry support

A professional company will go beyond just delivering bottles of e-liquid. They will have a deep understanding of the market you’re operating in. They will offer marketing and branding advice and services. A reputable company isn’t chasing one big order; they are invested in your continued success as it helps them to maintain their own levels of growth. Most outsourcing problems are experienced when a company selects an under qualified or inexperienced supplier. Spending a little time researching potential candidates could save you a lot of hassle and headaches further down the line.

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