• What shipping companies do we use to send our goods?

    We use the service of DHL.

  • Do I get the tracking number of my order?

    Yes, our clients get the tracking number with the order confirmation.

  • I made an order on Friday afternoon. Why isn’t my package sent on Saturday?

    On Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays, the delivery company doesn’t pick up the packages.

  • Will I receive a shipping confirmation?

    Yes and when you have received the shipping confirmation, the parcel should be delivered within the next four days. If it’s not delivered within four days, please contact us immediately.

  • Is it possible to evaporate other substances in the e-cigarette besides e-liquid?

    No, the electronic cigarettes are designed to vaporize only liquids for e-cigarettes. Other substances cannot be vaporized with it.

  • What is the difference between e-liquids, bases and aromas?

    If you buy ready-made e-liquids that are intended for electronic cigarettes, you get a mixture of base and flavours. The base is a tasteless basic substance that is a mixture of propylene glycol, glycerine, water, and nicotine. Flavors are food aromas.

  • I have ordered my favourite e-liquid for the second time, it is as delicious as it was for the first time but the colour is different.

    With e-liquids it is like with a good wine. A freshly mixed e-liquid develops its taste after few days, after the fixation and because of that the colour changes as well. So it is possible that an e-liquid can be lighter in the first few days and then it gets darker after few days. We do not use any artificial colourants. Our e-liquids are always freshly produced and bottled within maximum 2-3 days and at the beginning they are very bright and change their colour quickly. The another factor influencing the colouring is the way of storage. If you store your GermanFLAVOURS e-liquids in the dark, the e-liquids will remain bright longer. The more nicotine an e-liquid contains, the darker colour of the e-liquid is.

  • Can I vape an aroma?

    Of course not! A pure aroma is responsible only for the taste of the e-liquid. An aroma is not an e- liquid and it is used only to refine the base.

  • Can different Flavourtec flavours be mixed together?

    Yes, of course. There are a variety of flavours that can be combined well.

  • Airport info

    Dear vapers, I work for the aviation security checkpoints at the K/Bn airport. Recently there have been a lot of misunderstandings among our fans. There are several factors that come together. First of all, is that there is no proper regulation on the part of the legislator as well as the IATA (Safety Safety Authority). Usually it is applied to the legal regulations concerning fluids, lithium batteries and the lighters. Before the flight. * Lithium ion batteries may only be carried in the required number, i.e. no replacement batteries at the person, in hand luggage or luggage (the carrying of battery packs with USB connection is still possible) * Battery holders are treated like lighters, which means that they must not be packed in the checked baggage and must be packed in the hand luggage or on the person and only one battery carrier per person. * The vaping device is considered by some people to be a liquid container, but should be carried in baggage if not required for the journey. There is no limit to the number of evaporators you can carry with you - but it should not be prefilled with e-liquid. * The e-liquid itself is subject to the normal fluid restrictions - it means that you can take as much as you want with you in your luggage and the size of the container does not matter. In hand luggage only in a max. 100ml container in a 1 litre, transparent, resealable zippered bag. (Here again one transparent, resealable zippered bag per person). There are of course several 100ml bottles are allowed. Each transparent zippered bag can contain 7 bottles and if you press very hard – 8. Medical use of liquid (only with certificate) is exempt from the quantity limit * If an explosives test is to be made (wipe sample), the Air Security Assistant will be notified that the glycerol in the explosives detector may detect.

  • Taste modification of flavours and liquids by the implementation of TPD2?

    Dear customers, due to the new legislation, the TPD-2 regulation, some ingredients in the flavors are forbidden. Due to the forbidden ingredients we had to change the composition of some flavours. As a result there can occur some different taste sensations in particular flavours. Our goal is to guarantee high quality and great taste experience. We are also trying to keep maintaining the wide range of products to offer our clients and it is what we have been doing for all the time. For further questions, please do not hesitate to contact our entire team.

  • How long must your aromas mature?

    Firstly, after mixing the e-liquid should be well shaken for about 2-3 minutes. The maturation period for fruity aromas is about 1 week. For flavours with cake/biscuit/nut flavour, you have to plan approx. 2 weeks.

  • I mixed my own e-liquid. At the beginning it tasted great, after a few days it didn’t.

    In some cases aromas settle on the surface if the e-liquid is not well mixed. In the case like that the tank in the first filling has the biggest aroma concentration that was on the surface, what gives an absolutely intense experience, unfortunately only pure liquid base remains in the bottle and of course does not taste as desired anymore. That’s why mixing is so important. Even after a long storage period - if a liquid has not been touched for a long time - shake your bottle well before filling the tank.

  • I ordered the VG base from you and mixed it according to the percentage on the bottle, but it tastes completely different?

    Our ready e-liquids are based on a VPG 50/50 base. The % indication of the aroma bottles also applies to this base. The PG (propylene glycol) strengthens the flavour carriers and VG (glycerine) is mainly responsible for steam, a VG base steams super, but loses flavour with the same flavour dosage. As a general rule, you should use 2-3% more aroma for bases with a high VG concentration.

  • I have just mixed the an aroma with your base. The e-liquid is cloudy, so can I vape it anyway?

    The answer is YES! Some aromas can cloud e-liquids. The most common way to do this is to use bases that contain water, such as the traditional base. However, it has no influence on the taste of the e-liquid.

  • I've mixed few of your liquids/flavors and find it incredibly delicious. Can I also order an e- liquid like that directly from you?

    Unfortunately, due to the many orders we receive every day, it is not possible for us to fulfill special requests regarding compositions. However, there is a possibility to contact us at the bottom right of the homepage. Please let us know your mixture as exactly as possible and we will check if we are convinced by your mixture and if we can include it in our offer. In the best case, your mixture will be permanently included in our assortment. You are also welcome to send us suggestions for names.

  • Which base is the right choice for me?

    Since many new customers do not know at the beginning which base is the right choice for them, we would like to explain the differences between the bases on the basis of some criteria. Bases consist of the four substances PG (propylene glycol), VG (glycerine), water and optionally nicotine. PG serves as a flavour carrier, the VG determines the vapour properties, water is used as a diluent and the nicotine quantity determines the flash and the efficiency. A pure PG base offers an intense taste, but does not vape and is very thin liquid, which can lead to quick impurities. A pure VG base offers voluminous steam, but needs significantly more aroma to ensure a good taste. Besides, a pure VG is about as thick as honey and only suitable for very few tank evaporators. The composition of the base has therefore a great effect on the steam experience. Our standard base is the VPG base. This is also used in our e-liquids and consists of 50% PG and 50% VG. This is where steam output and taste experience are most balanced. In addition, the VPG base is equally suitable for all evaporator models, as it ensures sufficient airflow for all current evaporator models. Our flavour recommendations are always designed for VPG basis. Another popular base is the traditional base. This was very popular in the past, as most devices at that time had much worse air-flow properties than the ones today. Due to the water content, the traditional base is thinner than the VPG base, but is more sufficient. Due to the higher PG content, liquids on a traditional basis taste slightly more intense than those on a VPG basis, with the same aroma dosage. With the traditional base you can use a little less than 0.5 1% of aroma.

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