Liquid calculator

The Flavourtec Liquid Calculator helps you easily calculate the optimal dosage of your self-mixed e-liquids. Only if all components such as base, aroma and nicotine shots are correctly dosed and combined, you can enjoy the full taste of your self-mixed e-liquids. Each aroma in our range has a non-binding dosage recommendation. This supports every vaper, especially beginners, as orientation. And even the experienced self-mixer can simplify their calculations with our Liquid Calculator, no matter whether you are calculating nicotine shots or a bottled base.

Finding the right mixing ratio between base, aroma and nicotine shots is no magic trick. It is very easy and needs only a few steps to calculate the ratio, where our Liquid Calculator will be helpful. Also the necessary nicotine strength in mg will be considered in our Liquid Calculator. You can find the manual for the Liquid Calculator below. You can find further helpful tips and hints in our guidebook "Mix liquid yourself".

60 ml
3 mg
18 mg
0 %

For 60 ml of your own ready e-liquid of 3.0 mg/ml nicotine strength you need:
50.00 ml of base,
1.0 of nicotine (= 10.00 ml) with the nicotine strength of 18 mg/ml and
0.00 ml of aroma.

Liquid Calculator Manual

The use of the Liquid Calculator is very simple and is controlled by:

  • Switch: Select whether you want to calculate with nicotine shots or with bottled base.
  • 1: Select the desired amount of liquid in ml you want to receive after mixing. (10-1000ml)
  • 2: Here you can set the nicotine quantity that your finished e-Liquid should contain. (0-12mg/ml)
  • 3: The nicotine strength of the nicotine shots you want to use for mixing. (3-20mg/ml or with bottled-base up to 200mg/ml)
  • 4: Percentage of the aroma in the finished e-Liquid, as indicated, for example, in our dosage recommendations. (0-30%)

In the first step, set the desired amount of liquid you want to receive after mixing in the Liquid Calculator. Then you select the desired nicotine strength, which the liquid should contain and adjust now the portion of flavour, as it is indicated for example in our dosage recommendations. In the field below the scrollbars, the required amount of the basic substances (base, nicotine shots and aroma) is indicated in detail.

If you use nicotine shots in a different nicotine strength than the preset 18mg/ml, then you can still adjust this value in "strong nicotine shot". If you want to calculate with bottled base instead of nicotine shots, which you may still have in stock, then switch the calculation to "Calculate with bottled base" and you can set higher nicotine strengths.

If you just want to mix Base in a certain nicotine strength, leave the control for the aroma on 0 and our Liquid Calculator will give you the appropriate values.

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