Flavourtec is offering a wide range of OEM/White label solutions that will perfectly fit your needs.

You can receive all our products in your individual packaging option, introducing your very own branded liquids. Starting with wrap-around labels up to complex packaging solutions incl. individual cartons and leaflets, everything is possible. The registration of your very own brand as a sub-brand to an already existing product enables you to start selling it right away, without the necessity of waiting a couple of months after registration of a new product. Easy, fast and convenient.

Also, we are providing our customers with a wide range of bottling services, by either using the customers’ ready-made products or by using just their aromas, recipes or parts of the ready product and delivering the rest to a finished product.


Chosing Flavourtec, you are not only buying our high-quality products, world-class tastes and innovative product solutions.

You are also gaining access to our extended know-how in regards of products, regulations and legal requirements. We are constantly monitoring all new developments on the regulatory landscape, in order to keep track with all regulations and to offer proven and safe solutions to our customers. Besides that, our knowledge includes vast experience in the production and quality-control of vape-products, with state-of-the-art laboratory, production facilities and customer service standards. Our biggest goal is to offering these benefits to all our customers and to provide them with everything that’s necessary to successfully compete on the rapidly growing market for electronic cigarettes.


Flavourtec is offering a wide range of OEM/White label solutions that will perfectly fit your needs.

Having an excellent product is one thing, but we have decided to take it a step further.

Flavourtec supports you in developing your very own brand, starting with the logo, design scheme, colour scheme and the full package. Additonally, we are glad to support you by providing you with marketing and brand-building materials and individual POS equipment, such as displays, counter mats or advertisement.

Don’t hesitate to let us know, what we can do for you and your very own brand!

Thanks to our flexibility, Flavourtec OEM services are a convenient option even for small orders and customers that are just starting their journey with individualised products.
In order to fit their demands as best as possible, we are offering different white label options.


Wrap-around label
Containing all the mandatory information necessary, wrap-around labels are a very convenient way of starting your own branded products.

Thanks to the fact that neither carton nor leaflet is required, products with this label are the perfect way of having individual products even with lower quantities ordered.

This option is the perfect solution for small quantities per SKU (taste/nicotine strength).


Full OEM packaging
For those customers who want to have the traditional complete packaging, incl. Label, leaflet and a cardboard box.

Of course everything in your individual design and with all the necessary texts. This option is the perfect solution for mid and high quantities per SKU (taste/nicotine strength).

Contact us and get the full information!



We are flexible and open to offer you any kind of bottling, co-production and packaging service.

Starting from the pure bottling of products that you are shipping to us in bulk, over just using your individual recipes or flavours up tot he packaging of your already bottled products.

Feel free to get back to us, basically everything is possible.


Flavourtec is your full-service provider in terms of OEM and white labelling products, including the preparation of design, branding, marketing, production, registration, quality control and everything else that is connected with providing you with your fully individual products in the highest quality. We will take care of every step, starting with your ideas and finishing with a ready product that you can start selling with.

Feel free to get back to us in case of any questions and start with your own branded products right now!

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