Payment methods

Bank transfer

If you choose this way of payment you will receive to your email address a quote with all necessary informations for payment, including the account number to which you should pay the value of the order. Payment can be made using internet banking or the way you normally pay your bills - through banks, post offices, Fine, etc. Upon receiving payment, we will send you the ordered products.

Payment by PayPal

PayPal is the most popular alternative for the payment with a credit cards in the world. It is a service that offers e-money, a real online cash with which you can do in the virtual world the same thing as in the physical world using the money from your wallet. PayPal owes its popularity to the fact that it allows to a user to pay his order without leaving his credit card number or bank account and thus it provides additional protection of privacy information. PayPal is not a bank, but operates very similar. The user must open a personal PayPal account in which can directly pay money from his bank account or credit cards. On that account user can put the exact amount of money he wants to spend for purchases. For a more information go on

Credit Card

Payment using Credit Card can be done via Paypal. Choose Paypal and follow the instructions.

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