Longfills are ideal for anyone who needs more ready-made e-liquids on the one hand, and on the other hand, preparing a mixture by yourself is too time consuming. Longfills, also known as aroma shots, come with a certain amount of ready mixed flavour and simply have to be topped up with the base. If you need nicotine in your liquid, add a nicotine shot to get a ready-made liquid with an intense flavour.

To help you calculate nicotine doses, we've created our e-liquid calculator.

Tip: The fluid calculator is already set for our long-fill. Just set the desired nicotine strength and you will immediately see the number of nicshots to be added to get the desired strength.

Usually, after mixing the liquid is immediately ready for use, the mixtures can be vaped immediately after mixing. Mix thoroughly and fill the e-cigarette tank. Shake it well!

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  1. Liquid HERO - Dark Hero
  2. Liquid HERO - Subman
  3. Liquid HERO - Steelman
  4. Liquid HERO - Capt'n Hero
  5. Liquid HERO - Bad Hero
  6. Liquid HERO - Hero Star
  7. Liquid HERO - Red Hero
  8. Liquid HERO - Green Hero
  9. Tiki Juice by Flavourtec Hawaian Gummibear 50ml
  10. Tiki Juice by Flavourtec Indian Fig 50ml
  11. Tiki Juice by Flavourtec Lemonice 50ml
  12. Tiki Juice by Flavourtec Pinky Winky 50ml
  13. Tiki Juice by Flavourtec Tropical Peach 50ml
  14. Tiki Juice by Flavourtec Waikiki Beach 50ml
  15. Goody by Flavourtec Buttermilk Lemon 50ml
  16. Goody by Flavourtec Bubble 50ml
  17. Goody by Flavourtec Cinnamon Cereal 50ml
  18. Goody by Flavourtec Dr. Pistachios 50ml
  19. Goody by Flavourtec Dragon Cream 0 mg/ml 50ml
  20. Goody by Flavourtec Miss Maple 50ml
  21. Flavour Shisha Juice - Blueberry Moonstone 10ml
  22. Flavour Shisha Juice - Ruby fruits 10ml
  23. Flavour Shisha Juice - Apple Emerald 10ml
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