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The aromas themselves are neither tasty nor healthy, and cannot create a steam. Therefore, a well-balanced and delicious e-liquid requires a base that on the one hand allows you to produce the right amount of steam, has the right density, and on the other hand it transfers the flavour well. As a general rule, remember: glycerol (VG) is responsible for the formation of steam, propylene glycol (PG) is the aroma carrier for good taste. The higher the glycerol content in the base, the more aroma must be dosed (and the denser the ready e-liquid is).

The most balanced mix is our VPG base with a mixing ratio of 50% VG and 50% PG. On the other hand, our 70/30 base with 70% VG provides much more steam, which many choose for long-fill. Other base variants complement our offer.

To create a liquid with nicotine, it is necessary to add nicotine shots. They are available at Flavourtec and at GermanFLAVOURS in various nicotine strengths and therefore allow control over the final amount of nicotine in the liquid. We also offer nicotine shot based on nicotine salt. Perfect for creating mixtures for open POD systems. Many tips on mixing your own ideal e-fluid can be found in our guide on self-mixing e-liquids. Our e-liquid calculator offers a convenient way to calculate the mixing ratio of aromas, base and nicotine shots.

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  1. Base Flavourtec- 0/100/0 0mg/ml 1000ml
  2. Base Flavourtec- 20/80/0 0mg/ml 100ml
  3. Base Flavourtec- 20/80/0 0mg/ml 1000ml
  4. Base Flavourtec- 0/100/0 0mg/ml 100ml
  5. Base Flavourtec- 0/80/20 0mg/ml 1000ml
  6. Base Flavourtec- 0/80/20 0mg/ml 100ml
  7. Base Flavourtec- 30/70/0 0mg/ml 1000ml
  8. Base Flavourtec- 30/70/0 0mg/ml 100ml
  9. Base Flavourtec- 50/50/0 0mg/ml 1000ml
  10. Base Flavourtec- 50/50/0 0mg/ml 100ml
  11. Vavo Nic Shot
  12. E-LIQUID NICSALT - Nicsalt Shot 20 mg/ml 10ml
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