New quality of e-liquids

We are one of the leading producers of e-cigarette liquids in the EU. Upon using certified components from European suppliers, we constantly improve the formula of our products so as to provide top-tier quality for users of e-liquids from Flavourtec.

Flavourtec intense - Ice Candy

Unique flavors created with passion

Developing original flavors is our passion and therefore each year we aim at composing more than 20 new combinations. You can select from a wealth of flavors – icy refreshment, the power of fruits and pleasant sweetness or the traditional American tobacco. Each flavor was developed with utmost care by selecting top-tier components and unique flavours. Thus, we were able to create such an original combination as the taste of the cult carbonated soft drink.


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Flavourtec Original

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Flavourtec Only

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Flavourtec Intense

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Shake & Vape

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By creating products for millions of consumers, we adhere to the most important thing for us – low harmfulness. Hence, we provide smokers with a much better alternative – only the best ingredients, including nicotine (the purity of which is at a minimum of 99.9%), without tar or any other harmful factors.

We also conduct responsible marketing. Our message is addressed only to adults smoking either cigarettes or e-cigarettes. We are not trying to affect your decisions regarding smoking. We do not engage in dialog with persons below 18.


Certified components from European suppliers


State-of-the-art and in 95% automated production facility


Certified production process in compliance with TÜV Nord ISO:9001


Reduced harmfulness of Flavourtec e-liquids compared to cigarettes confirmed by Dartsch certification