Social responsibility

Our Values

Pasja i doświadczenie

Passion and experience

We co-operate with experts out of passion, thus we can be sure that our products are distinguished by their top-tier quality

Innowacyjność i przedsiębiorczość

Innovation and entrepreneurship

We introduce innovative solutions, our products are manufactured in a factory which is 95% automated.

Odwaga i zwinność

Courage and agility

We do not fear to act and constantly test new opportunities to provide more safe products.

Responsible marketing

There is no doubt that tobacco products should be subject to strict regulation and control. We believe that the provisions should discourage people to start and yet encourage them to quit smoking. We are aware that millions of men and women will continue to smoke. They should be able to choose products with reduced harmfulness. Therefore we conduct responsible marketing, with a basic assumption to direct our message only to adult smokers of cigarettes or e-cigarettes. We are not trying to affect your decisions regarding smoking. We do not engage in dialog with persons below 18.

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Our safety standards

We are a international company that reaches hundreds of thousands of consumers, therefore we attach great importance to the safety of our products.

Our bottles contain warning triangles, which is particularly important for blind persons, and caps with a safety locking mechanism. In order to open the e-liquid, press and turn simultaneously.

Furthermore, the bottles contain a plastic sealing ring which breaks following the first opening. In this way it indicates whether the product was previously opened or not.

Odpowiedzialność społeczna. Informacje na opakowaniu liquidu Flavourtec o tym, że zawiera nikotynę. Zarówno na butelce jak i na kartoniku

Legal regulations

Dyrektywa w sprawie wyrobów tytoniowych (2014/40/UE)