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Welcome to our new production facility.

Flavourtec Premium E-Liquids for E-Cigarettes.


Our new production facility, finished in the fourth quarter of 2015, has a production space of more than 1200sqm. Thanks to that, we managed to double production capacities and the factory offers production standards, which fulfill the most restrictive pharmaceutical standards to quality and product safety.

Furthermore, we’re having our very own in-house R&D department, focusing on the development of our products and the constant improvement and refinement of our flavours, which will be made in-house in the future as well.

Flavourtec is TPD ready!

Our team of professional chemists and advisors is working on full speed for the implementation of the requirements, linked with the TPD. Packaging, product design, registration and extensive emission testing are advancing, to make sure that all our products are enligned with all regulations. Enhanced by in-house and external advisors from the pharmaceutic-chemical sector we are making sure that our customers have the best, safest and 100% legal products, made by Flavourtec!

Do you have any questions or feel uncertain about the new TPD legislations and how they might affect your business? Don’t hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to help you!

Quality, 100% made in European Union.

We here at Flavourtec are proud of our products and the quality and diligence that they are produced with. This is why we are using only 100% European ingredients, produced by renown suppliers, which are certified for their pharma quality and USP grade. Additionally, in order to give you the best vaping experience and the greatest tastes, we are using food flavours which combine a natural taste with a high amount of product safety.

Flavourtec is 100% vaping pleasure – 100% made in the European Union!

Vaping vs. Tobacco Smoking: clear advantages for Flavourtec Premium Liquids

We are proud to offer the best and highest quality products, in order to give our customers the best and safest vaping experience that they can get. To show the health-advantages of our Premium Liquids in comparison to traditional, they have been tested in a long-term analysis with cultivated lung cells, known as the Dartsch-Analysis. In this unique, animal-free analysis, it is tested how real cultivated lung cells are reacting on the vape of our Flavourtec Premium Liquids and this reaction has been compared to the reaction on traditional tobacco smoke. This test has proven that our liquids have not caused any toxical effect in any of the tested concentrations, whilst in opposite the smoke of even a single tobacco cigarette at low concentrations has caused a significant number of lung cells to be destroyed.

For this test, our products have been awarded with the renown Dartsch-Certificate!

Flavourtec E-Liquids in ISO 8317 certified bottles

Our packaging fulfills the highest standards of quality and safety, and our bottles are ISO certified for bottle, closer cap and the childproof packaging? In order to guarantee the perfect product safety and child protection, we are one of the very first to work with ISO 8317 certified bottles, 100% made in the European Union. Having strict criteria for both, bottles and caps, they are tested with a number of specific methods, which do not only provide a measurement of the efficiency of the packaging in restricting access by children, but do also cover the perfect accessibility of the bottle content to adults, mandatory as of second semester 2016 based on EU Tobacco Directive.

Mandatory as of second semester 2016 based on Tobacco Directive!

Certified production processes

Certified production means best products.

All our production processes here at Flavourtec, including mixing, bottling, the creation of our packaging design and the organization of our customer services are 100% in accordance with the internationally renown TÜV Nord ISO:9001 standard. This has been tested, proven and certified by the TÜV Nord. It is our passion to provide our customers with the best, safest and highest quality products on the market, individual purchasing options and outstanding services.

We want to make a difference!

Attractive prices and quantity discounts

European high quality products for reasonable prices.

This is why we are offering a fair and transparent pricing model for different purchasing quantities, given on our price lists. You would like to receive a price for a given amount of products? Or are you having any questions?

Feel free to contact us, we are happy to help!

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More than 60 fine and unique flavours

Composed by our team of high-class flavourists.

Currently, our portfolio includes a range of 60 exciting flavours, composed by our team of high-class flavourists. For the production, we are using just certified food flavours to give you an even better, more natural vaping experience.

You will love them!

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Build your own liquid brand

with Flavourtec

We’re offering full OEM service.

You would like to receive Flavourtec premium products in your own and very unique packaging design and with your logo on it? Nothing easier than that- with Flavourtec private label services!

It’s time to change, it’s time to refine your business!

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