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Careers in Flavourtec

At Flavourtec, we focus on people – both our employees and our customers. We are a team of enthusiasts for whom creating excellent flavours and aromas of e-liquids is a real challenge. We believe that the best results are achieved by working together and exchanging ideas. In each of us we appreciate individuality and creativity, which allows us to constantly develop.

Our values are deeply rooted in the quality and safety of our products. We are committed to the highest production standards, taking care of every detail so that our customers can enjoy an extraordinary taste sensation and at the same time be sure that they are using products that are safe for their health.

Our departments


We do batching, bottling, labeling and packaging of products. We prepare the goods for shipment. We supervise the warehouse of semi-finished and finished products.

Research and Development

We analyze trends in the e-liquid market, carry out activities in the implementation of new products from completion to registration in the EUCEG and ECHA database, prepare and update safety data sheets for the finished product, and update legal requirements.

Quality Control

We conduct quality control of raw materials, packaging and finished products. Every production process is supervised by us. In addition, we manage the claims process, handle the archiving of reference samples and standards, and carry out ISO 9001 supervision.

Graphic Department

We are responsible for designing product labels and packaging according to specifications. Our industry is subject to many regulatory requirements, which we take into account in our projects. In addition, we are engaged in the creation of promotional materials.

Sales Department

It is crucial for us to build and maintain business relationships with customers based on trust. We are in constant contact with customers, listening to their needs, enriching our offer to best meet their expectations.

Customer Service Department

We handle the execution of orders from the B2B sector, issue the necessary documents, take care of their proper circulation. We prepare sales reports. We monitor payments and delivery dates.

Logistics department

We are responsible for ordering raw materials and supplies, receiving deliveries to the warehouse. We take care of the system and conditions of storage of goods, and monitor the inventory of goods. We issue components according to production order and ensure timely shipment of goods to customers.

Finance department

We verify and post documents in accordance with applicable regulations. We prepare financial statements and reports for auditors and the Board of Directors.


We are responsible for the efficient operation of our company's infrastructure and smooth communication between all stakeholders.


Your needs are important to us.
We offer:

stability of employment (employment contract) in a company with an established position in the market

work in an international environment, in a team of professionals

opportunity for professional development

work in a close-knit team

70% subsidy of Multisport card

teambuilding events

convenient location – close to the Tri-City ring road

no dress code

What does the recruitment process look like?

Stage 1

Analysis of the submitted resume – we verify that you meet the necessary requirements for the position.

If you want to take a job in Flavourtec – browse the current list of advertisements, take a look at the offer you are interested in and send us your resume using the contact form.

Stage 2

Interview with an HR professional – after a successful initial review, it’s time for the next stage of recruitment, which is a phone interview, video conference or on-site interview. We want to get to know you better – your experience, your motivation, your expectations. At this stage, it is worth considering why you want to join the Flavourtec team and how working in the position will bring you closer to your career goals.

Stage 3

Interview with a potential supervisor – the purpose of this part of the recruitment process is primarily to verify the candidate’s skills, professional aptitude and to discuss in detail the responsibilities of the position for which you are applying. Show off your achievements. If you have any questions, this is a good time to ask them.

Stage 4

Hiring decision – if you successfully pass the previous recruitment stages and are still interested in the offer, we will offer you to join our team. Regardless of the final decision, we always come back with feedback on how the recruitment process is going.

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